It's time to start with you. It's time to start loving yourself for all the things that you ARE instead of all the things that you aren't. Join us in this self-love gratitude challenge and show us how you #selflove using the hashtag #sharetheselflove

Fit4Mom-Costa Mesa

#Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Happy Friday and day ✌🏼 of the #mamabewell challenge! If you haven’t joined us yet, jump in at ANY time! Even if you see this and we’re on day 5 or 6 by then...each day you’ll find a fun little “to do,” a journal prompt, and a reminder to meditate, even if it’s just for five minutes. Find the calendar and printable schedule on our blog — link in bio! #FIT4MOM

February 1st we’re launching #mamabewell, a 2-week self-love challenge just for you! Click the link in our bio to download your weekly calendars + planner. PS — you’ll need some goodies for a couple of the days, like a dry brush and a journal, so download the printables and hang them at your office or near your bed, or save them to your phone to find out what you’ll need for each daily challenge. They’re small, achievable daily tasks that even the busiest mama can accomplish. We can’t wait to see how you share the (self) love this February. Challenge runs Feb 1st - 14th. Check out the link in our bio for more info, or head over to BLOG.FIT4MOM.COM 💻 💕 Repost this image using #mamabewell if you’ll be joining us and tag a few friends as accountability buddies 💗

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I’m learning to be me, unapologetically..think about that in terms of each of your identities (woman, wife, mother) and then squash them all together into what makes you..and think..am I boldly unapologetic about what (and who) makes me...me? Then...look in the mirror and say “you are beautiful” and then wrap your babe up and snuggle him close and then kiss your hubs like you used too 😉...unapologetically. You are fabulous and amazing even with all the broken pieces that make you you and don’t ever apologize for it! PS: thanks @thehobbsfarm for reminding me of this in your intro a while back and for this photo that captures unapologetic motherhood!

#Repost My favorite baby wraps, blankets and hair wraps!! #kathabae

Seasons of Life Meditation


Mothers go through big life changes often. In the midst of chaos, it's important to slow down and find your center. Do so with this Seasons of Life Meditation.

As mothers and as women, we go through big life changes often, and our seasons of life come and go. In the midst of challenges and opportunities + ups and downs, it's important to slow down, find our center, and reflect. In this "Seasons of Life Meditation" by our founding mama, Lisa Druxman, find a quiet place, read through it, and remember this is your life and your story. Link in bio; http://blog.fit4mom.com/seasons-of-life-meditation

Every day our sweet village amazes us more and more, and it's because of WHO not what or why. Today, we want to share a little extra lovin' on @AmandaWeaverWilliams #acwilliams430, one of our FIT4MOM members FIT4MOM Port Orange-New Smyrna Beach is a mama to Riddley , wife/partner to Scott Williams, and loves to workout at Stroller Strides and stays busy with her kiddos. Fun fact; she works at NASCAR. She's been within our village for 7 months, and we are so grateful to have her part of our FIT4MOM family! We love you,!

I AM HIRING!! Training dates have been scheduled for the first weekend in Orlando in April! Ever think about becoming a FIT4MOM instructor and a healthy motivator for moms in our local community? Become a Stroller Strides® , Fit4Baby® or Body Back Instructor. Through online and live course work, learn the foundations of exercise science, anatomy, exercise physiology, prenatal and postnatal fitness and how to teach Stroller Strides , Fit4Baby, Stroller Barre classes and our Body Back program. Message me to Find out how you can dive into this amazing world as a FIT4MOM instructor .

Our New Smyrna Beach 9AM Body Back Transformation Session is completely SOLD OUT! And registration is open for our new Session starting soon. Message me for details on how to get your early Early bird discount. And if you ❤️💛💚💙💜 FIT4MOM (and me) please share this with your mama friends!

The Beach Retreat: A Holistic Health & Wellness Retreat


Are you ready to stick with your New Year's Resolutions and keep your Health Goals on track? Join us for the Beach Retreat; a Holistic Health & Wellness Retreat in New Smyrna Beach. Experts in massage, skin care, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and everything you need to live the HEALTHIEST, HAPPIEST,�...

Happy New Year Mamas! If you have made a Resolution or set a goal to improve your Health & Wellness, live a Healthy Lifestyle, and make some permanent changes I would love to support you! I'm participating in The Beach Retreat Feb 1-3rd in New Smyrna Beach. A Holistic Health and Wellness Retreat, all inclusive, in a supportive, safe environment. You'll work with experts in massage, skin care, yoga, meditation, nutrition and EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Celebrity trainer to the Stars in LA, Terri Ann will be our fitness GURU!!! You can use promo code: FRIENDS for $200 off you and a friend! PLUS Early registration savings now until Jan. 15th http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=etdurl8ab&oeidk=a07eezqlzec2f2d372e

B O D Y B A C K It's so much more than a fitness program! It's about support and community, strength, confidence, and sisterhood! #BodyBack, our 8-week training program for mama, kicks off nationwide in January. — it’s full of strength, support, empowerment, and love. We can’t wait to watch your Body Back + FIT4MOM transformation Today sign up for your Body Back Transformation or Returning Body Back Membership. https://pike13.com/accounts/sign_in

Calling all moms! Try these free fitness classes through January 14th!


Moms, you do everything. You're a chef, sometimes a chauffeur, you multitask, and not only do you create lives, but you change them too! Moms are the strongest women out there, and now there are gym classes for super busy mothers.

Sharing this amazing owner at FIT4MOM Metro Phoenix #futuregoals Our town needs this so badly!! I place for all fitness levels in yoga, pilates, Body Back,and Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides! https://www.abc15.com/news/smart-shopper/calling-all-moms-try-these-free-fitness-classes-through-january-14th-

M E E T @StephanieRae 💑 FIANCE / EVENT PLANNER/ ACTRESS/ MOM TO DEWEY HER LOVABLE PUP🐕/ & TRAINER @ Port Orange-New Smyrna Beach 🙌🏽 To know our team is to know Stephanie Rae and her enthusiasm and smile every time you meet her ❤️ we couldn’t be more pumped to have Stephanie be part of our village 🔥 starting in 1 week join her on January 9th for her new Body Back Session 8-Week Session!!

"New Year's resolutions are better with friends. And by friends, we mean fellow mamas who GET YOU. They get what it's like to have postpartum bodies that have been through the ringer growing and nourishing a baby; they know what it's like to have insecurities with new stretch marks, cellulite, or hair in weird places; they get what it's like to not recognize a ""new body,"" and have struggles getting back into a fitness routine post-baby. That's why we created #BodyBack. Come join us mama. January 8th-March 2 ( Body Back Memberships & Drop-Ins) January 9th-March 1 ( Body Back 8-Week Transformation)

FIT4MOM Twin Ports Demonstrates Quick Workout for Busy Moms - Fox21Online


DULUTH, Minn. – The holiday season is extremely busy for families and sometimes it can be easy to pass on a regular workout routine. One Northland mom, Lisa Filzen, says there are ways to work something no matter how busy you may be. Filzen is the Owner of FIT4MOM Twin Ports. She says they offer a...

Spreading the word about #FIT4MOM #momcrush #momwin #stayactive http://www.fox21online.com/2017/12/22/fit4mom-twin-ports-demonstrates-quick-workout-busy-moms/

Put yourself at the top of your "To Do" list & everything else will fall into place! Over 60 women made a commitment here FIT4MOM Port Orange-New Smyrna Beach to fill up their cup! As moms, we are so busy making the holidays special and trying to check everything off our list. Self care and taking time to fill our own cup often gets pushed to the side. You can't pour from an empty cup! Start January with a commitment to yourself to fill up your cup! Choose YOU!

I want to say how proud I am of these #FIT4MOM Instructors!! Without your support this year with my pregnancy, teaching and helping me spread the word about our programs I wouldn't have had the success we had here in New Smyrna Beach!! Next year is going to be incredible! #love #empowerment #strength #positivethinking #bodyback #strollerstrides #fitpros

#BodyBack, our 8-Week training program for mama, kicks off in January. Join us FIT4MOM Port Orange-New Smyrna Beach to gain more than just a boot camp, good workout or muscle mass; gain the sister community you've been looking for-it's full of strength, support, empowerment, and love. We can't wait to watch your Body Back + FIT4MOM transformation! Kelsey Nemeth, is part of our village. She's had amazing success for the last year in half, where she ate real, whole foods, gained new friendship and sisterhood, and made space for herself, perhaps the greatest gift of all. Are you ready to do the same? You deserve it

When a woman becomes a mother, we often forget who she was before motherhood. Isn't it funny how tummy-time and breastfeeding or baby babbles and bottle warmings suddenly "define" who we are as a human postpartum? That's why we're vowing to share real mamas within our communities, both inside and outside of #mamahood. Today, we want you to meet Kathy Stanley, who is part of our #FIT4MOM village, but is also mama to Lily,& Gavin, and spouse to Richie. Before joining our village and before having babies, Kathy Stanley was a Registered & Licensed Occupational Therapist and still keeps her license active . Today she volunteers at Sacred Heart Catholic School, Junior League of Daytona Beach, and works on independent projects too. We are so thankful Kathy is part of our #FIT4MOM family, and she is a shining example of one powerful boss babe!

Ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?


Body Back Transformation 2018 BODY BACK 2018 NEW YEAR SESSIONS Janurary 8th -March 2 CLASSES Morning: 6AM M/THUR & TUES/F 6AM● LOCATION New Smyrna Beach Locations: First NSB Church -200 Faulkner Street Brannon Center Flagler Ave-Life Guard Station PRICING $325.00 * 8- Week Total Transformation Ses...

Body Back New Sessions starting in 2018! https://t.e2ma.net/cshare/inbound/f/iitfi/8b61cd8c559eacefa527c70ce8f9b7d8

"Today we're featuring #StrollerStrides, one of our favorite mama workout classes that we offer here at FIT4MOM PORT ORANGE-NEW SMYRNA BEACH. We offer Stroller Strides on MON&SAT @ 9:30AM but check out our full schedule at portorange-newsmyrna.fit4mom.com for more info!"

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life that lights you up. Don't ever forget that, sweet Mama... Starting new Sessions in January/ Email me at jennyw@fit4mom.com for more information.

M E E T T TANYA 🙋🏼‍♀️ WIFE / MOTHER / PHOTOGRAPHER & FIT4MOM Port Orange-New Smyrna Beach INSTRUCTOR 🙌🏽 To know our village is to know Tanya Vann Petracca and her awesome family❤️ we couldn’t be more pumped to have @TanyaVannPetracca be part of our team 🔥 starting next month join her on January 8th for her new Body Back Session.

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